The Malad House:  Female Off Campus Housing - Close to Boise State University 


Enjoy the following which are all included:

  • Flat screen HDTV
  • Fast - 80 mp speed wireless internet with unlimited streaming
  • Central Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Fenced Back Yard
  • Storage Shed

OFFERING: "Fully Furnished" Off-Campus House for Women

4 bedroom 2 bath house

Ideal for Female Students

➡️ cost of room: $750 per person per month

➡️ cost of utilities: $0 - utilities are included. Unlimited

interenet is also included in the price

➡️ cost of parking $0 - Off Street parking as well as street parking

➡️ general location: Vista Bench Area- only 1.9 miles to Boise State

➡️ gender preference: Female

➡️ dates available: 8/1/2024 thru 7/31/2025 Accepting

applications now.

➡️ info about other housemates: all 4 rooms are available at this

time for above lease period.

➡️ pets- no

** Brand new very nice bathroom remodel

** Fenced Back yard